Homesteader S1


S1 Indica Hybdrid
Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Grandpas Stash
Super Skunk x OG kush x Afghan Kush
Auto Blue Mammoth F1 (Blueberry Skunk x Lowryder)

8-9 Weeks Flowering
Pine, Berries & Pepper
HIGH Morphology
Auto & Photo Mix
Harvest Sept-Oct
Height 4ft-12ft Width 3ft-6ft


Namesake of our Breeding Collective, and the strain we stand behind for its early September outdoor harvest, easy to trim large colas, and great smoking flavors. Lightly sweetened baked bread with a dank undernote of peppery hash. Leaving you with a light indica feel, you will be relaxed and able to keep on with your day. A balanced hybrid with slightly increased CBD. Likes LST, SCROB, topping and staking.


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