Legal Warning

Please DO NOT ASK, as we are not able to give any advice on germination or growing.

Legal Notice

Cannabis seeds are not regulated under the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, 1961, signed in New York on 30 March, 1961, as amended by the Geneva Protocol of 25 March, 1972, and ratified by the Spanish state.The Single Convention sets out which part or parts of the Cannabis sativa L. plant are regulated; the flowering or fruiting tops of the cannabis plant, as well as the resin obtained from the cannabis plant, but explicitly excludes the seeds. The seeds, therefore, do not form part of the legal concept of cannabis and are omitted from the Convention’s Schedules.

Cannabis seeds do not contain the active substance delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), or other regulated cannabinoids.

Consequently, in accordance with the Single Convention, the seeds of the cannabis plant are neither regulated nor can they be classified as narcotic drugs.

In Canada, the sale, possession and cultivation of cannabis seeds for personal use does not constitute a criminal offence.

The seeds sold by Guilded Genetics are sold for personal use exclusively by adults over 18 years old. Guilded Genetics markets the cannabis seeds as items intended for collection or genetic conservation with the specific restriction that they must not be used for any purposes that contravene current legislation.

According to the principle of mutual recognition, the European Union Member States may not prohibit the sale on their territory of goods which are lawfully marketed in another Member State, even when those goods have been produced in accordance with different technical rules (Regulation (EU) 2019/515, of 19 March 2019, on the mutual recognition of goods lawfully marketed in another Member State).

National laws applicable to cannabis seeds vary greatly between countries. In some, the germination and cultivation of cannabis for personal use, and even the mere possession of the seeds, may constitute a criminal offence. Guilded Genetics does not want to incite anyone to violate a current law in their country. Therefore, we urge purchasers who are not resident in Canada to familiarise themselves with applicable local legislation. Guilded Genetics encourages its customers to act responsibly.

Guilded Genetics accepts no liability for potential legal problems which could arise for purchasers and will not issue a refund for seeds confiscated or refused by the shipping agent or customs service while fulfilling their duties.

The fact that some of the descriptions allude to the effects of consumption does not, under any circumstances, mean that they should be consumed, as they are merely informative descriptions. Guilded Genetics accepts no liability for any decisions the purchaser may take based on this information.

Guilded Genetics does not ship orders to countries/areas where the possesion of seeds is forbidden.

Guilded Genetics will accept no responsibility for where our seeds are sent by our wholesalers and retailers, because they are independant companies without legal relationship with Guilded Genetics.

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The RGPD establishes standards related to the protection of natural persons in relation to the processing of personal data and the rules related to the free circulation of personal data. It protects the rights and fundamental freedoms of natural persons and, in particular, their right to the protection of personal data.

Your personal data is collected, processed and transferred only to the extent compatible with these purposes and this privacy policy; based on the principles of legality and transparency.

At Guilded Genetics we are committed to the security of the data of our customers and users. When in our forms we ask you to fill in the fields of personal information with which you can be identified: usually your name and your email address, assuring that it will only be used in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.

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At Guilded Genetics we are committed to keep your information safe. We use the most secure servers and the most advanced software and update them constantly to ensure that there is no unauthorized access.
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Please be reminded that orders can be confiscated in the mail. This is the chance that YOU the CUSTOMER takes, when making an order. Guilded Genetics can not be held responsible, for confiscation, damage or loss. In the event of confiscation, damage or loss, we want to be notified, though your complaint is with the post office or your customs. We again stress that our cannabis seeds are sold for novelty purposes only. Check your own laws!