Germination, when done correctly is easy to do, and is the first step in growing some healthy plants and achieving a good crop – which is why you want to make sure it’s done right. There are many methods for germinating seeds, but we recommend the paper towel method because it’s one of the most successful methods for germinating cannabis seeds, it produces great results and it isn’t too complicated! Follow this step-by-step guide to germinate your seeds using the paper towel method. If any other method is used, though may be still a successful method, will not be considered for Germination Policy claim if seeds do not germinate. 

WHAT YOU’LL NEED What You’ll Need To start the germination process, you’ll need the following items: – Paper Towel – 2 Plates – Bottled/ Purified Water – Tweezers – Cannabis Seeds 


Preparing Your Seeds Like all good things, start with understanding what seeds you have! There are many different kinds of seeds and strains. Being aware of what kind of seeds you have will only further your growing experience. For example, auto-flowering seeds are more suitable for direct seeding in final pot size, while feminized seeds work better for outdoor cultivation. Check out our huge selection of strains to find the most suitable cannabis seeds for your grow. 


Preparing Your Seeds Make sure you have all the tools to have a successful cultivation. Start with taking 2 paper towels and moisten them, wiring out any excess water. Then place one of those paper towels on a clean plate. This can also be done by laying down your paper towel, and lightly spraying it with Bottled/purified water (as seen in photo). 


Preparing Your Seeds Using tweezers (not your fingers!), place the cannabis seeds on your wet paper towel, leaving about one inch in between each seed. If you are working with various strains, be sure to keep them separated and labeled during this process! PRO TIP: Remove excess water. Making sure there is no excess water collecting below before and after placing your seeds will allow them to grow properly. Too much water can “drown out” your seeds! To check for excess water, lift a corner of the paper towel. if there is any liquid on the plate, drain it or use a dry paper towel to collect it. 


Preparing Your Seeds Depending on your preference and setup, take the second paper towel and place it over the top of your cannabis seeds and gently fold into quarters. Be sure to take your time to ensure you do not move the seeds from their original spots and keeping various strains separated. At this time, you may add more water if you need to, by lightly misting your folded paper towel with seeds. PRO TIP: Label your strains. This can be done many different ways, including colour coordinating or simple marking your paper towel with the strain name. 


Preparing Your Seeds There are many ways to store your seeds, but there are some key components to be aware of. You are going to want to cover your seeds, with either a second plate placed flipped on top of the plate that we used to start our germination process. Another popular method, is to place the folded paper towels with your seeds within a zip lock bag. This step is helpful when labelling and keeping various strains separated! Store in a place that has warmth, moisture, and darkness. Check your seeds regularly, you should see them pop within 24 – 120 hours. PRO TIP: Check temperature. It is very important to maintain a constant temperature of between 70 – 77°F (21 – 25°C) during this process. 


Preparing Your Seeds You should see what is called a “taproot” (as shown in photo) emerging from the seed. Congratulations, your seeds have germinated and you are now ready to plant your seedlings! PRO TIP: Plant immediately. PRO TIP: do not touch the fuzzy roots It is imperative that the seed is removed from the paper-toweling as soon as the taproot has emerged. If the seeds are left to soak for too long, delicate micro-roots can be torn when the seed is removed from the paper-toweling, which will temporarily retard germination/growth as well as stress the plant (which could possibly result in an unfavorable male/hermaphrodite).